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TradeOgre is pure crypto to crypto exchange without identity verification requirements. It offers 83 coins and many of them are privacy ones. Trading and withdrawal fees are fine, their web trading interface is great. The biggest bottleneck is that there is no official way of contacting them so clients need to use Twitter DMs.

Safety, support, fair play




Prices and liquidity


Trading and withdrawal fees


Design, simplicity, performance



  • Simplest registration ever
  • No KYC verification
  • Low fees
  • Neat trading interface
  • Accepts worldwide customers


  • No way of buying crypto with fiat
  • No official support
  • No way of marking favorite coins
  • Ugly charts


tradeogre exchange logoTradeOgre is a small bitcoin exchange focused especially on cryptonote and privacy coins in general. Those are the ones focused on anonymity of transactions. You can trade there coins like Monero, Beam, Grin, Dero etc. Deposits and withdrawals are done without identity verification. TradeOgre is almost as anonymous as are the coins it offers.

Basic information

There are not many official information available on TrageOgre or its founders. As far as we remember, we have started trading with them in 2018 and that is probably also the year they were established. Should we summarize the basic information about the exchange:

Official website
Twitter contact @TradeOgre
Founders unknown
Headquarter California, USA
Established 2018
Number of users * Up to 20,000 
Website language EN

* Number of users is unknown. There are around 1500 users online every day so our estimation is that they have got up to 20,000 registered users

Creating an account

Creating an account could not be even simpler. Having an email address and creating your password is enough. You don't need to insert your name, surname, mobile phone, nationality or any other information. Not asking for any personal information which could be eventually hacked, is one of the feature we really like about TradeOgre.

tradeogre registration form new user without identity verification

Source: TradeOgre registration form

After creating the account downloading and installing Google 2FA is also needed (not mandatory, but highly recommended). Don't forget to make a backup of your security code to the application. Should you ever loose your phone the backup will save you from a lot of communication with all the exchanges - trying to prove that you is really you.

For logging into your account you will need the email address, your password and the 2FA code from the app. You don't even have to solve a captcha, but they are using one in the background, so if there is any doubt about you being a person, you will have to solve one.

Here are the basic features and information about TradeOgre - what you can expect and what you cannot:

EU customers Yes
US customers Yes
New account email
installing Google 2FA app
KYC requires without KYC
MasterCard No
Bank transfers No
PayPal No
Fiat deposits No
Trading fees 0.2%
Withdrawal fees bitcoin: 0.00005 BTC
ethereum: 0.00174618 ETH
dogecoin: 1.48242219 DOGE
Daily withdrawal Unlimited
Desktop app None
Mobile app None
Affiliate program No
Other benefits No staking
No airdrops / contests

TradeOgre is pure "crypto for crypto" exchange which means that you can use it only if you already own some cryptos. In such case you can deposit your coins to the exchange and trade them for other alts or bitcoin. But should you want to buy crypto for your fiat (EUR, USD, GBP etc.) this is not the right place for you. There is no way how to deposit fiat and trade it for crypto. TradeOgre does not accept bank accounts, PayPal or any cards. 

There also isn't any limit for crypto deposits. The only restriction we have experienced was for depositing higher amounts of coins - TradeOgre can increase the confirmations needed for your coins to be deposited. That is understandable measure which is meant to protect the exchange against possible blockchain hacks (when hackers are trying to deposit stolen funds to exchange and trade them for other coins). 

Neither do we know about any daily limit for your crypto withdrawals. If you find any limit and let us know, we will update this information. 

Coins and trading

There are two major pairs against which you can trade the alts. Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Coin Ticker Number of pairs
Bitcoin BTC 81 pairs
Litecoin LTC 15 pairs

Litecoin pairs are usually coins which dropped too hard in price and are trading for less than 1 BTC sat now (like Turtle coin). does not provide any Desktop or Mobile apps for trading. There are 83 crypto coins you can trade using their web trading platform:

tradeogre web trading interface explained

Source: TradeOgre web trading interface

We have highlighted the most interesting facts.

Blue arrow should point your attention to the Buy / Sell order form. You can put your orders either in BTC sats or in altcoin amount.

Black arrow indicates the four basic fields of the platform. Market history of the coin, Depth of the market, Your trades (history of your executed orders), Your active orders. Should you have any active order, it would be also indicated by bold numbers in the green / red areas. We like especially "My Trades" plus "My Orders" options. TradeOgre made it very simple how to get to your active and executed orders within the main window. This is exactly where so many other exchanges are lagging.

What we do not like is the chart which is really ugly. It is extremely difficult to read any information from it. In these days when other exchanges are using charts from TradingView, TradeOgre should do the same - making their charts being more readable.

Advantages and disadvantages

Here is the summary of pluses and minuses while trading with TradeOgre:

Simple registration
No KYC requirements, full anonymity
Trading fees are 0.2 %
Withdrawal fees are low
Many privacy coins
Nice, simple, fast trading interface
Accepts US customers
No fiat deposits
No official support tickets
No sound notifications about filled orders
Quick access to favorite coins is missing 
Adding favorite withdrawal address is slow
Ugly charts

If Binance were a supermarket, TradeOgre would be a small, simple local store then. If Binance tries to shine and win the 1st place, TradeOgre strives to keep everything as anonymous as possible. TradeOgre doesn't want the registration being cumbersome and it accepts clients from all around the world. Trading fees are 0.2% which is twice as much as Binance, but still acceptable. Many small exchanges are asking for higher fees.

What we like are the withdrawal fees. They are low and the only time we were not happy about the fee was when withdrawing Verge - it costs 10 XVG, which is high. Binance charges 0.1 XVG for a withdrawal. Except Verge we did not have any other bad experience with any withdrawals. When we want to compare fees of various exchanges, we look at Doge first. For TradeOgre it is less than 2 Doge (Binance charges 50 Doge). Here is a link where you can check all current withdrawal fees on TradeOgre.

We like the simple signing up, we like almost all the withdrawal fees, but what we really like most is the trading interface. It is simple, fast, reliable. We did not encounter any problem while trading. When trading, you are getting immediate visual information about executing the orders in the lower right corner. Well, one of the things that would make it even better would be a sound notification about your orders just being executed (just like CREX24 for example).

Yes, there are more things that could make it even better. What we miss is a quick access to our favorite coins. Seems like a little thing but once you have to switch between various coins and have no quick access to your favorite ones, it becomes really annoying and time consuming. One new column with stars that can be marked would be fine (just like Binance does it).

The last thing we would suggest to TradeOgre would be to re-done the ordering of coins when adding regular withdrawal addresses (A-Z ordering). As of now the order is just random, so when you want to add e.g. your Ethereum address, it can take you almost a minute to find it in the list. See the picture below so you would know better what we are talking about:

tradeogre adding new address to favorite

Source of information: TradeOgre (settings, withdrawal addresses)

We have contacted their representative and suggested to make a change in the ordering. Except the reply - which was positive, nothing has changed. Oh, and talking about contacting them - there is no official way of doing it. TradeOgre does not offer any support tickets or help chat. The field "Help" in the upper left corner of the web interface is a bit misleading as it offers only information on the fees and the API. Should you encounter any problem, the only way how to contact them is to send a direct message via Twitter (@TradeOgre). We have used it several times yet. Their response is fast - usually within 2 hours and we need to add that they have solved each of our problem so far. That sounds good, but the question remains - what about their users who do not have Twitter account?

Conclusion is a small bitcoin exchange which offers many privacy coins. We like how simple is signing up for a new account, the low withdrawal fees and the trading interface which is neat, fast and works like a charm. On the other side there are also some flaws which we have described in our review above. TradeOgre is pure crypto to crypto exchange, without any KYC verification but also without any fiat gateways. Once you start trading with TradeOgre, it can happen your most favorite exchange - especially for cryptonote and other privacy coins.

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