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From a view of common people there is not much Kraken can offer. The registration process is very thorough and you need to deliver many personal information. They do not accept credit or debit cards and the trading fees are a bit higher. In our opinion, this exchange is suitable for enterprises and especially for institutional clients from the USA.

Safety, support, fair play




Prices and liquidity


Trading and withdrawal fees


Design, simplicity, performance



  • Well established exchange
  • Pro level entitles you to sending millions in fiat
  • Fast support 24/7


  • Strong KYC measures
  • Higher trading fees
  • No credit / debit cards

Kraken exchange logoKraken is not just one of the largest, but also one of the oldest crypto exchanges. The exchange was established in 2011 but oppened its doors to traders just 2 years later. As Kraken blog reveals, today it serves more than 4 million clients in almost 200 countries and also was the first bitcoin exchange to have its market data displayed on the Bloomberg terminal.

Basic information

Kraken is one of the "big three" bitcoin exchanges with the other two being Binance and Coinbase.

Official website
Twitter contact @krakenfx
Founder / CEO Payward Inc., Jesse Powell
Headquarter San Francisco, USA
Established 2011
Number of users 4,000,000+
Website language EN, ES, FR, PT, RU, VI, TR, UK, JA, ZH-CN

Kraken headquarter is in San Francisco, USA and it serves more than 4 million customers worldwide (except some of the restricted countries).

Creating an account

Signing up for an account with Kraken is one of the most thorough processes we have experienced in crypto space. This is how the registration form looks like (read about the additional requirements below the picture):

kraken create account registration form identity requirements

Source: registration form

You will need to enter email address (for an activation key or activation link to confirm), username, password and your country of residence. Except these basic information, Kraken will also ask for your full name, date of birth, your address and a phone number.

After passing the whole registration process, all these information will make you entitled to trade just crypto coins. Yes, that is right - you will not be able to either deposit nor withdraw any fiat currencies. Depositing and withdrawing fiat currencies requires providing additional information about the user - government issued ID, occupation etc. You can learn more about the various Kraken levels a bit later in this review.

To summarize the basic information about Kraken and its features:

EU clients Yes
US clients Yes
Restricted Afghanistan, Cuba, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Japan, North Korea, Tajikistan
New account     Name and surname
Country of residence
Date of birth
Phone number
KYC for fiat    Scan of your ID
ID confirmation photo
Proof of residence
MasterCard No
Visa No
Bank transfer Yes
PayPal No
Fiat deposits USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, GBP, CHF
Trading fees mostly 0.26%
Withdrawal fee bitcoin: 0.0005 BTC
ethereum: 0.005 ETH
dogecoin: 2 DOGE
Daily withdraw Up to verification level
Desktop app No
Mobile app App store, Google play
Referrals Yes, via intermediary
Other benefits staking program (only XTZ)
margin and futures trading

Kraken does not accept any credit or debit cards. The only exception are deposits in CAD done via Canadian post. But that is probably not something our readers would be interested in. Kraken's explanation to this surprising decision is: "Cryptocurrency transactions are nearly instant and practically irreversible. As such, the risk of fraudulent deposits from credit cards (and similar) are too high to take on for us right now."

Coins and trading

Kraken account offers 35 crypto coins for trading as of now. Interesting enough, Kraken belongs to the few exchanges which does not use BTC abbreviation for bitcoin. Instead, they use XBT. Here is its explanation: "XBT" is a new abbreviation for Bitcoin that is starting to come into use, and reflects its growing legitimacy as an international currency. The abbreviation "XBT" comes from the International Standards Organization (ISO) that maintains a list of internationally recognized currencies. The standard dictates that if a currency is not associated with a particular country, it should begin with an “X”, hence "XBT".

Kraken's web trading interface in its simple mode looks following:

 kraken trading platform explained fields

Source: web interface

In the main row above the green buy button you can choose whether you intend to buy or sell, with the amount following. In this case we have decided to buy 0.05 BTC at the price of 6,160 EUR. The platform is set to "Limit" order so the order will be executed once the price reaches 6,160 EUR for 1 BTC. You can notice other buy and sell orders at the bottom of the screenshot. In this case other traders are willing to buy at 6,163.2 and sell at 6,163.3. 

The interface may look quite simple, but as a matter of fact, we could not get used to it. If you decide to switch to professional version, just click the "Kraken pro" button in the upper right corner. It leads to a different, more professional interface:

kraken pro trading platform explained order form

Source: - trading interface "Pro" version

The "pro" version can probably offer you anything you would expect from such a large and well established crypto exchange. You can see the depth of the market as well. Anyway, neither the simplified interface nor the pro version are something we would feel comfortable with. But rating trading interfaces is quite subjective and can differ from person to person - so we prefer to leave it up to you and your own conclusion how you feel about it. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Here is the list of main pros and cons we have found while using Kraken exchange:

Well established exchange
Pro KYC enables deposits in millions USD
Margin and futures trading
Their support 24/7 with fast answers
Strong KYC identification required
Higher trading fees
No credit or debit cards accepted
The main disadvantage is the very thorough process of registration and identification of the client. Yes, there are certain KYC and AML measures Kraken has to follow (especially in the USA), but from all the exchanges we have tried, this process was the most comprehensive one. Here is the overview of all the requirements for various levels - if you want to deposit or withdraw fiat currencies: 

kraken verification requirements deposits withdrawal limits

Source:, account - limits and identity requirements

Being the first level user, which they call "Starter" will not entitle you to any fiat deposits or withdrawals. You can only deposit, trade and withdraw cryptos. If you want to top-up your account with some fiat currency (like EUR or USD) then you need to deliver them additional documents and proofs. Anyway, the limits for the second "Intermediate" level are very interesting. Once you pass to the second level, you are eligible to deposit or withdraw 100,000 USD each day. Should you need to deposit or withdraw even more, than you need to proceed to the third level which is called "Pro". But pro level is for wealthy people and entities, requires AML verification and providing financial statements. 


The final rating of is a bit difficult. From a view of common people there is not much Kraken can offer. The registration process is quite thorough and you need to deliver many personal information. They do not accept credit or debit cards, trading fees are a bit higher and once again - we could not get used to their trading interface.

The question we were asking all the time was - why should we choose Kraken over any other bitcoin exchange? Let's think about this. If you don't like the thorough identification process, then you would choose something like TradeOgre (which is btw. from the same country - California, USA). On the other side, if you are willing to provide all your personal information and ID scan, then why not choose Binance instead? Trading fees of Binance are 2-3 times lower compared to Kraken. 

Thinking about, we have come to one simple conclusion. In our opinion, this exchange is suitable for enterprises and especially for institutional clients from the USA. Not every bitcoin exchange does accept US customers, while Kraken does. The fiat deposit and withdrawal limits for "Pro" level are in millions of dollars. And probably the most important fact for affluent clients is that Kraken is one of the largest crypto exchanges, operating in the business since 2011. If a company ever thought about moving to crypto business, then Kraken would be really a good choice. If you are thinking about creating a new account with, please consider using our referral link - this way Kraken will pay us some of their earnings for helping them grow. 

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