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5 TOTAL SCORE review operates from Estonia and strives to comply with the EU regulations, including strict identity verification requirements. The trading platform is simple yet is offering 400 coins and tokens for trading. The main advantage is that you can deposit fiat currencies. The main disadvantage is the frequent problems with coins withdrawals.

Safety, support, fair play




Prices and liquidity


Trading and withdrawal fees


Design, simplicity, performance



  • Fiat deposits
  • Low minimum on setting orders
  • Simple trading interface


  • Fake trading volume
  • Problems with withdrawals
  • High withdrawal fees
  • Deposit fees for certain tokens


stex exchange logo (formerly known as Stocks Exchange) is now using only the abbreviation and is known as STEX. This company operates from Estonia and strives to comply with the EU regulations, including identity verification requirements. We will summarize all the important information, pros and cons we have found while trading with them within this review.

Basic information

Official website
Twitter contact @StexExchangeR
Founder / CEO Vadym Kurylovych
Headquarter   Etna Development OU
Pärnu mnt 158
Tallinn, 11317
Established 2017
Number of users 300,000+
Website language EN, RU, ID, PT, ES, DE, ZH-CN, VI, KO, JA, UK founder is Vadym Kurylovych. Here is a tweet from STEX proving this information. Nowadays they claim to have more than 300,000 users. Taking into account that the exchange has 24.3K followers on Twitter, we could assume that the number is correct (including all the dead souls from crypto bang in 2017 - but those people are not actively trading any more). 

The number of site languages is really 11 - see the first table with basic information. headquarter is in Estonia, so they are EU regulated exchange. As for their support, we have used it quite often and the usual response was within 24 hours. The last time we have contacted them was just within this week of writing our review (to verify some information) and the response was surprisingly fast - within 1 hour. So maybe they are continuously improving - at least their support.

Creating an account

When creating a new account you are required to provide some basic information about you. Anyway, without going further and verifying your identity your account is useless - you would not be able to do any deposits, withdrawals or trading. In other words, creating a new account equals to KYC verification at the same time. So, if you don't like any KYC requirements, especially on this kind of exchanges which can be hacked anytime, is not the right choice for you. If you decide to proceed, then here is the registration form:

stex registration form new account fields

Source: STEX registration form does also offer an affiliate program If you insert the code of the entity you learned about the exchange from, the person will be rewarded. Here is the description of the features you can expect after you create the account:

EU clients Yes
US clients No mention
Restricted No mention
New account Name and surname
   Date of birth
  County of residence
  Your ID with a photo
  Making a video call
KYC for fiat Signing up = KYC
MasterCard Yes
Bank transfers Yes
PayPal No
Fiat deposits EUR, USD, RUB
Trading fees Mostly 0.2 %
Withdrawal fee bitcoin: 0.001 - 0.002 BTC
  ethereum: 0.005 ETH
  dogecoin: 10 DOGE
Daily withdrawal Mostly around 5,000 €
Desktop app No
Mobile app Google play, App Store
Referral program Yes
Other benefits None

Once again - you can create the account only with a few information, not providing much personal details. But such account would be quite useless, as without passing the KYC verification process (which requires scanning your ID and making a video call) you could not deposit, withdraw, trade. So, creating a fully functional account equals to passing all the KYC requirements of the exchange.

Surprisingly, in their terms and conditions we did not find any mention about customers from USA or any other countries being restricted. So it seems like they either accept everyone or their terms and conditions are not processed thoroughly and in detail. 

Once you create the account and pass the KYC verification you can start depositing fiat currencies and trading crypto. We will talk about depositing fiat currencies a bit later so let us talk about trading crypto first. STEX states that the standard fee for trading is 0.2%. But when you pass certain level of identity verification, the fee can be lowered. Here is the structure:

Level 1 ( L1 ) - 0.2% unverified user
Level 2 ( L2 ) - 0.1% user verified by STEX, PrivatBank, Smart-ID and Fractal
Level 3 ( L3 ) - 0.05% user verified by Cryptonomica 

So, the more thorough identity verification, the lower the trading fee can be. What did really surprise us was the finding that STEX does even charge the deposit fee. Here is a screenshot concerning fees for depositing various altcoins:

stex deposit fees

Source: STEX support page is so far the only crypto exchange we know about which charges fees for depositing coins. So if you want to deposit some of the ETH tokens (and there are plenty of them) you would be paying 0.007 ETH for doing such deposit. And that is really much - that is even more than the fee for withdrawing ETH.

Fiat deposits and means of payment

You can use several ways for depositing fiat currency to STEX. First, if you prefer to buy cryptocoins without direct trading on the exchange, there is a "Buy crypto" option in their Top menu. By clicking the option you will get:

stex buy sell cryptocurrency for fiat to your account

Source: - Buy crypto option

If you are interested in buying via "Buy crypto" option, then the means of fiat payments are VISA, MasterCard, iDEAL and Bancontact. The SEPA option is valid only if you want to sell some of your cryptocoins. We have never tried this way of buying or selling cryptocoins but would suppose that the fees are much higher for this simplified way of buying crypto.

If you decide to deposit fiat currency to your account so you could trade on your own (option "Trade" in the top menu), STEX will enable you to deposit EUR, USD or RUB. Anyway, the ways of depositing these currencies are quite limited. Here is the summary.

stex eur usd rub fiat deposits payments gateways

Source: account - balance page

Most fiat gateways are opened for EUR. Surprisingly, there are no MasterCard, VISA or SEPA payments available. Depositing USD is possible by 3 various means of payment and depositing RUB by using 2 gateways. Anyway, using AdvCash and Payeer are the universal means and able for all the fiat currencies.

Coins and trading

Once you succeed with depositing some fiat, then you can start buying some cryptocoins (or sell it later). There is an information on the website that they are offering 400+ coins and tokens and 400+ pairs for trading. See the screenshot below:

stex in numbers users pairs coins


We have verified the information and can confirm that at the time of writing this review the number of pairs was 419. The number of coins / tokens was exactly 400 (including fiat currencies). The number of coins is quite impressive. We especially like some of the coins, which are quite rare and not many exchanges do list them. Here is the simplified web interface of the trading platform:

stex buy sell orders trading platform

Source: web trading interface

We have put some arrows in the image to point to the most interesting information. The blue arrow points to a star, next to a coin. Adding coins to your favorite ones is a feature we like very much (e.g. does not offer favorite coins at all and does it a bit more complicated).

Red arrow points to two main options. You can choose either "usual limit orders" or "stop limit orders". We suppose that most of our readers will do with usual limit orders.

The yellow arrow points to the order form where you can buy and sell your cryptocoins. The form is very simple, you see the amounts of coins you are buying or selling as well as the BTC amount. The order form is fine. There used to be just small minimum limits for buying or selling cryptos - probably the lowest minimum limits from all the exchanges we have ever tested (e.g. you could buy or sell 10 DOGE). Next to the yellow arrow you can notice the information about the trading fee, being 0.2% in our case. 

This part of their trading interface is very simple. What you do not see is the upper part of the screen where is the chart ( is using charts from TradingView). At the bottom of the screen you would see "My orders", "All trading history", "My trading history". So probably all the information you would need.

Anyway, what we would point out is that not always did the platform work as expected and that the trading volume and history of trades in not to be believed. We have witnessed many trades being done out of the Bid and Ask prices - e.g. traders were willing to buy at 516 BTC sats and sell at 520 BTC sats but before any of these orders were being filled, there were new and new orders added to the "All trading history" at totally different price (e.g. 534 BTC sats). This is something that makes the trading volume look much higher, but the reality is different and you can have problems to get your order filled (or you need to accept the immediate market price). 

Advantages and disadvantages

Here we summarize the main pros and cons of, as we have personally experienced them:

Several means of fiat payments
Low minimum amounts for setting orders
Simple trading interface
High withdrawal fees (0.001 for BTC)
They even charge deposit fees for crypto
Coins trading Volume is not to be believed
Problems with coins withdrawals

We have already described many of the pluses and minuses that comes with STEX exchange. Anyway, we need to add that we have never ever experienced so many problems with coins withdrawals as we have with The number of support tickets we have opened (or just waited for them to solve the matter) would be really high. As already mentioned, their support usually reacted within 24 hours and the "withdrawal errors" were always solved. But solving problems within 24-48 hours is not what would make us completely happy - when you do a lot of arbitrages between exchanges you need to rely that the withdrawals will work as expected and the coins will arrive on time - otherwise you can loose a lot of money just because of such buggy system.

Conclusion was the first crypto exchange we have signed up to. After many trades, withdrawals and support tickets we have eventually decided to cease our trading with them. The last nail in the coffin was when they announced that they were going to do all the strict KYC verifications. Anyway, if the KYC requirements are something you are OK with and are looking for a simple trading interface, we understand that can be one of your choices. If you are thinking about opening a new account with them, please consider using this referral link - in such case will pay us for helping them grow and you can support our work for doing this review - honest and based on our own experience. 

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